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Dreaming of Data: Why K-12 Needs More Analytics 

Summary: This article on SmartBrief written by Ricky Ribeiro discusses the idea of analyzing students in order to make proper decisions and help the students to succeed. All over our nation we take in information and use it to make better decisions on what to do next. So what Mr. Ribeiro is wondering is why we don’t use this concept when trying to help schools. If we did the schools would be able to keep record of every student including their strengths and weaknesses and past history. It would be a way to have insight into each student in the class in order to help a teacher to understand how to help them. This would also be beneficial to principals because they would be able to analyze what they need to work on in order to have a more successful school. Andrew Schwab, an IT manager in a school district, moved from one job to another leaving him in the California school district he is in now. His first job he was able to see this analytical process and understands the benefit of doing this. He then realizes how much it would help his school district and many other school districts that are suffering. The main problem with the idea of annalists is that schools just don’t have them, but that isn’t a reason this process can’t work. A school district in Oregon is making it happen without a team of workers. To make this happen the teachers had to do a lot of extra work to write up their own analysis of each student. They found this to be very beneficial and will continue to do this to provide the best education for their students.


Q1: What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?


A1: I agree completely with this article. I believe that each student is different and everyone needs to be addressed differently. This would give teachers a head start to understanding what each student needed and how they learned. This could solve many problems we have in schools because so many students learn differently and teachers must spend a large time of the year to understand how each one learns.


Q2: How will the issue help or hinder student learning?


A2: This will help students learning greatly. Teachers would be able to understand how to teach each student before classes, and could make sure to incorporate that learning style into each lesson.



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