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10 Essential Tips for Meeting Tech Needs of Low-Income Schools

Summary: This article on SmartBreif by Katrina Schwartz is all about explaining how to maintain technology in a low-income school. She breaks down 10 different categories to help a teacher or principal understand what to do when trying to bring in technology. She explains that technology is good, but there are also things that one must lookout for when deciding what to do. Her ten topics are all very important and will be valuable for every teacher to understand. Her first tip is “Keep Goals and Mission in Mind”, where she talks of staying try to your school and not just letting technology take over the mission of the school. She talks about how “technology should compliment not replace”, Involving Families, “Don’t Let Trends Dictate Decisions”, and “Support Teachers” as other topics too. She brings up to “use tech to free up teacher time” which talks of how teachers can use technology to let the students further their understanding on a topic and have time to do some work of their own; however, they must remember that a computer is not a teacher. Other topics include “Track Data”, “Understand Start-Up World”, and “Build Relationships with Vendors”. Another key tip she talks of is “Expect Excellence, Not Achievement”. This talks of how a student will not believe they can really do everything if they are in a low-income school without the technology of a private school; however, if the school believes that they are capable of excellence, they will accomplish much more. She really just wants to get across with this article that we need to look not at what we don’t have but what we can do with what we do have. We need to find out what are needs really are through the school and then find a way to provide the necessary technology without getting caught up in the latest trends.

Q1. What is your opinion of this article? Do you agree or disagree? Why?

A1. I completely agree with this article because technology is a very important part of school, but it is difficult for some low-income schools to find the importances out of using it. Students today are being thrown into a very tech savvy world, and it is important that schools are helping their students explore that world and begin to understand it before they are thrown into it. To do this the low-income schools need to understand that the latest technology isn’t as important to spend money on then it is to just educate them in more ways with a cheaper computer.

Q2. How will this help the students?

A2. This adding of smart technology to low-income schools will allow these students to expand what they are learning even farther than the classroom. They will be able to explore new things through computers and further their understanding of certain topics using their devices. It will also be a way that teachers can watch their students use the information they teach in a way they haven’t been able to before and will help them to evaluate their learning to help them to overcome any obstacle that may occur.


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